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If you could create a cool new CB product what would it be?

Handy Andy

Do Your Research First, Then Decide...
Apr 23, 2018

Kinda have to tell this by pictures... Fewer words - save the rest of you guys from wading thru metaphors and predicates just to get the meaning...

You can find a lot of those "desired" features here in the Forums but I'll just do a photo album...

Starlite - Backlighting of a Galaxy...

The simplicity of a PC-122/Pro-640e

The chassis of a 148/GrantXL

As far as Modes?
Oh, SSB, AM are perfectly fine, FM? Really? But your choice.
The SSB side - make it's clarifier a selectable one so those whom want fixed,
versus TX tracks RX slide - changeable as desired,
like Pull on to track, Push off to restore fixed TX with RX tunable...

Channels? Well, to me a SuperStar 360 or Cobra DX - works....

I also like the Mongoose for it's looks and ease of conversion - but didn't know really where to put it, - so not to be left out - the faceplate looks of it are attached...


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Jul 6, 2014
Payson, AZ
Frequency counter kit that comes with IF inputs and offsets for SSB. With filter circuit cans/caps selectable at install time. This is so you can have it reading during RX. Yes, I'm totally stealing this idea from the Cobra 2000.

Output of counter either an OLED display, traditional 7 segment LED array, or read over an I2C interface, set by a jumper on the board so you can change your mind later.
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Mar 15, 2019
Grant XL with frequency counter frequencies from 26.505-28.085, rock solid no drift, 150% modulation. Texas Star 667 size/ power comparable amp with a pre-amp that amplifies the signal 10x not the noise.
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Apr 3, 2005
Louisville, KY
A 400 Watt amplifier that has a 400 Watt dummy load built into the input circuit. Automatic switching adjusts it to absorb all drive power beyond what a barefoot radio feeds it.

Output will be 400 Watt peaks whether you drive it with a wimpy Cobra 2000 that busts a gut to swing 16 Watts, or a 400 Watt radio.

And if you drive it with more than 400 Watts, it just shuts down.

Oh, and it would have a SWR protection feature that just turns down the drive to a level that's safe for the SWR it's connected to. Key it into a coathanger and it responds by turning itself down to 50 Watts. A 400 Watt amplifier turned down to 50 Watts should be okay even if you key it into a dead-shorted coax connector.

Just one problem. A poof-proof amplifier is a dead end product. If it won't fail soon enough, you'll see sales slump once everybody who wants one has one.

Besides, the price will be so much higher than the competition you won't sell many anyway.


Captain Kilowatt

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Apr 6, 2005
Nova Scotia,Canada
A 400 Watt amplifier that has a 400 Watt dummy load built into the input circuit. Automatic switching adjusts it to absorb all drive power beyond what a barefoot radio feeds it.

And if you drive it with more than 400 Watts, it just shuts down.

I would rather see a circuit that shut the operator down. Anyone that would drive a 400 watt amp with anything near 400 watts should be shut down. :ROFLMAO:


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Aug 3, 2011
Simple I would go to China and work with engineers to produce a CB that had DSP, EQ, compression choices on TX and RX. Wide and narrow filters on TX and RX. Remote mounting with detachable face plate. Ability to use a PC or Phone to control it. eSSB. An optional digital mode to give us better use of the existing band width and FCC power limit.

The radio would need to be easy to mount in a Toyota Camry or like where the read out can be seen and control used with out taking your eye's off the road.

It would be great if it electrocuted anyone trying to use talk back, robot voice or echo. If electrocution is too harsh maybe it could just give them and STD. LOL

Since we are talking about CB's I would want a channel control not an encoder and individual old school switches and pots no controller ont he face this way it can be repaired with Jelly Bean parts. The last thing we need is the 955 situation where they constantly changed the IC's on the face so you could not easily randomly purchase two units with the idea of one being a parts radio just to find out you had two different radio's with out interchangeable parts.

Give such fantastic receive and transmit audio, selectivity and rejection that it becomes the standard and becomes super popular. Make it affordable.

So imagine Uniden had continued to make the Uniden Grant XL and had continued to improve the design in meaningful functional ways not cheapen the design. Pushing the CB into the future the things I want and have wanted since about 2007.
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Aug 3, 2011
Now if we are not actually talking CB but export radio's.

Now if we are talking Export radio's......

Give me something like the Yeti Optima but give me a face plate that is detachable, about 65% to 70% of the size of the RCI2950 and similar layout of controls, eliminate menu driven functions for common controls!

Again DSP, Compression, EQ on TX and RX audio. Give me eSSB

Give me HF+6m all modes and retail it for $250

I do not want much power from this I can build an amplifier. 25 watts is more than enough. I do not want some stupid huge heavy poorly designed amp slung under the unit. In fact the ability to plug it into a standard cigarette lighter now called a 12V power port is a plus.

The ability to bluetooth the output audio to your car speakers or home theater is a plus since CB/Export radio and ham radio mobile units have terrible speakers.

The ability to interface it with computer via USB and with phone is a must today. Give people more control and options if they use a computer or phone to interface with the radio.

Leave the stupid stuff off the radio so no echo and no talk back. No adjustments pots inside all adjustment need to be done with component changes and all SMD to keep Golden Screw Drivers out!

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