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J-Pole Antenna


Jul 1, 2010
Just wondering if anyone has this antenna or if anyone knows anything about this antenna? I am looking for a good VHF antenna that i can run with my Motorola 55 watt VHF base. I have right now a Centerfire antenna, but it does not seem like it is doing a good job. From what i have read about the J-Pole it seems to be a good antenna. But i would like to find out more about it if someone maybe using one. I am sending a picture of the Centerfire antenna that i have now and also pictures of the Copper J-Pole. Any Help? Thanks


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Crotchety Old Bastard
Apr 8, 2005
A 'J'-pole is probably one of the most common 2 meter ham antennas around, after a 1/4 wave groundplane antenna. A 'J'-pole is a 1/2 wave antenna. There are differences between the radiation patterns of a 1/4 wave and 1/2 wave vertical, where a signal is sent to or where it comes from. Which would be 'best' depends entirely on the circumstances of use. It's a fairly safe bet that a 1/2 wave antenna such as the 'J'-pole will have a slightly larger radiation pattern, will tend to 'pick up' more than a 1/4 wave groundplane antenna, but it's not a 'sure thing' at all. What would be the difference in your particular circumstances? I would have to guess that there would be some improvement in performance. The thing there would be if it was worth the time/effort/cost of switching antennas, and I can't answer that.
There's no particular benefit in copper as an antenna, other than it's easier to work with than other metals. There would be no practical electrical differences between using copper or steel.
I've used both types of antennas, they both perform well if tuned well. If it's a choice between a 1/4 wave and a 1/2 wave, I'd pick the 1/2 wave. If given another choice, I'd rather use a 5/8 wave vertical. That's because of my particular circumstances. Your milage will vary... different circumstances.
- 'Doc


Sep 19, 2010
Ii use a J-pole every day ..
Hooked to my Icom dual bander..
Works GREAT..
May be better antennas out there,but for the $$ this is the right one for me..


W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member
Nov 10, 2007
Joplin Missouri area
I ran and made one of the j pole antennas like in the first pic you posted...Used it for 3 years or better without a single kick.....It isnt as good as one of the manufactured ones from like Diamond or Jetstream ....but it does a surprisingly good job...even made a 2 meter contact with the space station off of that antenna and an Icom 2200H...Nothing to complain about there....

And the best part is that I made the antenna for under 20$ and about 2 hours of time in it to make sure I got the measurements right and get it soldered up


Jul 1, 2010

I am thinking about getting one. Like i said in the post the Centerfire antenna is not doing a good job at all. But i will say this about the Centerfire, It makes a good scanner antenna.


Jul 6, 2011

I've been using a copy of the Arrow OSJ all-aluminum j-pole, that I built, for a couple of years now. Virtually indestructable from wind or weather unless of course a tree falls on it or such. Mine is dual band 2M and 70cm and works very well without a lot of mast elevation but a pretty good geographic position. I can do 70cm out to a repeater at 28 miles and no issues with most repeaters 2M or 70cm in the Louisville area. It is my only base antenna. It could easily be a "portable" antenna with a simple "mast to go", or drill a couple holes and nail it to a tree or wall.

I built it so my son and I could have a dad/son project and I could teach him about threading and working metals. Took us about four hours once we had the materials. Matches beautifully and stays that way.

Plans here: J Pole Antenna

I'll be honest that just buying one is maybe cheaper. Again, we built one for the fun of it.

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