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JT-400 Coax


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Jan 16, 2023
Anyone using it? JT-400 (LL400-BTF) Ive got 50' comin to replace a run of LMR-400, they say its supposed to the same if not better than the LMR and its about 1/2 the cost. Will be a spring project so ill have to wait a bit to be able to compare the 2.


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Nov 11, 2019
I am using JEFA Tech low loss 400 coax. I don't know compared to Times LMR400 because I have never used 400 type coax ever. I used the JEFA Tech to replace an old run of RG213.

Mine came with nickel/silver PL-259 that had been crimped on the coax side, and soldered on the contact side. Seemed to be good quality.

But I replaced them with Amphenol silver/silver and crimp/crimp. Yes I crimped the contact too. Amphenol 182130-10 are optimized for 400 type coax. The center conductor crimps at .118.

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