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Kenwood TS-130s 11 meters?


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Feb 17, 2003
Wish I could help more, good luck.

Maybe sell it and buy a 430.

I have one, a simple mod and you have the entire HF range.
Transmitting on the WARC bands
As supplied, The ts-130S/V will receive but not transmit on the three warc bands.
For tx enable on all three bands unplug the brown wire j5 on the rf unit. This is the board with the shaft from the band switch running above it. For individual bands D8 for 10 MHz D9 " 18 MHz D10 " 24.5 MHz


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Apr 23, 2005
South of Disorder
Hello there:

The mod for a TS-130 is the same for the TS-120.

The Mod will disable 10M and the readout display will read 2 Mhz off or if you do the extensive mod will show the 27 MHZ properlly but the 26 MHZ will be off.

Check the CD for CB Tricks Modifications 29 Books,the mod is there,I lost my copy but I done it before to 3 radios with great results.

The mod use some diodes for the readout modification.

Wish can tell you more,but I lost my CD.

Good Luck

Dr. Frankenstein

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Oct 31, 2013
Have you done a google check yet?

Look up "Secret CB Volume 12 Page 23", can't miss it has all your answers and more:

The display will read right for 10 or 11 meters once done.
Did this mod many times back in the day.

Also, if not done already, check out :

You will need a Service Manual with the schematic and know how to use it, otherwise, take it to someone that can do it for you.

Good luck.... nice radio once it's set up properly.


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