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kenwood ts-440s 11mtr mods?


Active Member
Apr 24, 2002
Hey, Grate deal...Some times you can just step in thngs like that.

11m mod..

1. Remove the 2 countersunk screws that secure the front panel to the chassis.

There are 2 on each side.

2. Gently pull the front panel forward.

3. Remove the five small round head screws that secure the shield plate to the front panel.

There are 2 on top 3 on bottom.

4. Remove diode D80. Its located in the corner near connector 54.

also for 10Hz resolution Cut Diode D66.

5. Reassemble the TS440S

6. Reset the CPU. {Press and hold IA = IB and turn power on}

That should do it!






These rigs can sound VERY good on AM. The best I heard was using a Echomax 2000. Set the master gain on the EM about 1/4, then work with the mic preamp on the rig and drive, takes a little playing, but will sound great.

Wm. Warlock "671 in Va"


Nat. Rep for XForce/Magna Force Customer Service and Support


slim cdx285

i am searching around myself,but just in case there are different variations on this ,i want to be able to compare them.

i went to an auction (thur.morn) to bid on CB stuff; well,i was

looking around and it was all 23ch stuff.i was dissapointed,but

just as i were walking away,i saw this brown box under a CB

antenna with the letters TS-440S! i thought to myself,hhmm?

went to open the box and well the original tape was still in

place on the shipping carton.i cut it open and to my delight

there she was;brand new,never opened,never used,still had

the warranty regiatration card there too! i really wanted it but she'd go for more than my measly $100 that i had brought;or

so i thought! i don't think "anyone" there new just what that

rig was(or worth). i got that sucker for $45!!! i couldn't believe

my ears or eyes. then to top that off,i got an ASTRON 25A

continuous/35A surge power supply for $15!(mdl#RS-35M)

man was the good lord lookin' out for me!! and believe you

me,i thanked him,over and over and over! now if i could just

get the time to mod it for 11 meters before the contest starts!

prolly not but oh well,it'll still be fun,dxing w/y'all. thanks guys and take care out there..................SLIM CDX-285

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Skip Talker

Active Member
Apr 7, 2005
Man it sounds like I’m a salesman for Inrad, but if you check out there website they have the Kenwood newsletter that used to be put out. It has all of the mods and tweaks for them. If there is a ham radio club near you they probably have a library with them in it.

The next time my wife lets me play radio at the house I’ll check them out and see if there is a section on 440’s I can copy.



Mar 17, 2011
I have a 440s and everybody tells me that the am sounds like crap!
what do i need to check or do to make that change?
I clipped the diode for am tx, but I'm not sure where to set anything else.
i have to keep the mic gain about 2/3, anything above that they cant understand me, anything below that its to low.
is there something i need to check?


Jul 21, 2010
TS-440 AM TX

Drop the carrier power to around 20 / 25 watts, reduce the mic gain to eleven o'clock, speak in a normal voice and observe the slightest ALC meter deflection.
Works for me!


W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member
Apr 18, 2005
These and the TS-430S can sound excellent on AM 25 watt carrier and playing with audio to find the sweet spot usually when needle just starts to wiggle when speaking into the microphone as you start to slightly add mic gain.

I remember using a sadelta style desk mic on one years ago and man that thing barked!!!


Active Member
Sep 10, 2012
Sorry to bring back a dead thread, but I just got a 440s. Nice radios. Excellent receive!!! Have yet to transmit on it. Checked everything out and it works great. Only tested into a can of oil though:)

The Mad Scientist

W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member
Apr 24, 2012
Northeast Pa
It is good that you brought it back. I was wondering myself what kind of mic i should use with my ts430s.

The rig has issues at the moment, but as soon as i get it serviced i will be looking for the propper mic to use with it.

Any ideas gentelman??

BJ radionut

Supporting Member and 6m addict
May 9, 2008
35 miles East of Indianapolis
It is good that you brought it back. I was wondering myself what kind of mic i should use with my ts430s.

The rig has issues at the moment, but as soon as i get it serviced i will be looking for the propper mic to use with it.

Any ideas gentelman??

Shure 444D or M...
Heil GM-5 (wide setting) for SSB...narrow for AM(no prostrasher)
Good to See you posting here MS...(y)
All the Best
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The Mad Scientist

W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member
Apr 24, 2012
Northeast Pa
Thanks BJ, it's nice to post here. i just hope that i can help out someone when the need it most.

The mic i will be looking for will need to be a mobile as i will only be using my rolling hf station.

Thanks again guys.


Nov 13, 2009
Kenwood ts 440 power adjustment

Hello all.I had a 440 years ago and loved the rig but someone wanted it at a time that I needed a few bucks so I sold it.Now I bought another one in great shape but the power is a little low on SSB,about 40 watts.Does anyone know how to adjust it so I can get at least 90 watts out of it again?


Crotchety Old Bastard
Apr 8, 2005
First, how are you doing the measuring of that power?
Put it in CW, turn the carrier control up to maximum, what's the power reading? Switch to SSB and you'll be doing the same power.
Of course, if the thing has been 'adjusted' internally, all bets are off.
- 'Doc


Jul 12, 2017
My, my! This is an old thread. Those '440's are still the same though, so most of the stuff here still applies...

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