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Magnum Deltaforce Power Output

For the most part Magnum and RF Limited are done, the owner passed away back in 2015. His son tried hard to keep things going by reviving the Palomar nameplate but Covid really killed that effort. Replacement parts for any of their radio's are very limited. There is no actual Magnum service center now.

So here are some repair options.

At this point if you have a good tech that you trust and he/she has worked on Magnum radio's before you would be fine having them work on it. The reason I say this is two years ago I shipped 2 Omegaforce radio's to Superior CB. They did good work but from Indiana it was $74 shipping one way. OUCH

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  • @ wavrider:
  • @ Jim5570091:
    Antenna length on my mobile. So I’ve had 3 different radios in my truck. 2006 f250 super duty. 29ltd NW, 29 ltd clasic, and now a galaxy DX44HP. My steel whip is somewhere around 89”. Which I know is way to short. But show 1.2 SWR on all 3 radios. And I have a a bench SWR meter that shows the same results. Which I find odd and disturbing. Note the frequency is 27.205. The longer I make the whip the higher the SWR. At 102” it’s up around 2.5. Which totally blows any of my experience i have with mobile radio antennas. I have the antenna mounted to a post just higher than the cab. I’ve swapped the jump through several to different ones. Even tried lug and so239. Connections at the antenna. Seems to transmit well and receives well. Any ideas how this could be possible?
  • @ Jim5570091:
    Turns out I was missing the ground to the cab. Problem solved. Now have 102” exact and 1.2 SWR 26.005 megahertz through 28.005 megahertz. Pictures posted on my profile.