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Mic wiring question??


Aug 3, 2014
Hello there, I am trying to wire a Turner desk mic (with a Midland label), to a Teaberry Big T. The mic is essentially a Turner Plus 3, but what I believe is different is that it is not switchable between relay/electronic switching. I have tried what I thought is the right wire/pin configuration and it will key down and "squawk" (terrible), but no receive audio. Radio is 4 pin, and does work with the stock hand mic. Desk mic is 4 wire with the typical black, white, red, shield. It is like new, and I don't see any reason that it doesn't work, but may not be compatible with this radio?? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you Robb, for your reply and interest in my problem. What I have for the wiring on this mic and what I could find for this radio is: pin 1 = audio (White?), Pin 2 = Ground (Shield?), Pin 3 Common (Red??), and Pin 4 = Transmit (Black??). With this configuration, the radio will key with the "squawk". I've tried a few other subtle changes on the plug wiring, but without transmit or receive. I'm certainly no expert, but this one is kinda puzzling me. Thanks again for your help.
I reversed the wire on pin 4 (black) with the wire on pin 3 (red), and no change. No receive and when keyed up, the radio squawks the same. This is kinda kickin my backside with this dilemma, but will stick with it. Thanks for your help, and any other thoughts/ideas. :)
Read this Silverado and see if it helps any. Hope something on this page will help solve your issue. Good luck and have a good one.


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I think pin 3 should be the shield and 4 is red.

Here's what I found.

Big T

1- audio
2 - ground
3- common
4 - ptt


audio - white (1)
ground - black (2)
common - shield (3)
ptt - red (4)

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