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Midland 13-880B channel mod?


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Aug 12, 2011
Anyone mod a 13-880B for channels that would include channel 38? I haven't found anything in searching but may have missed it. I am certain it would require an added crystal to be switched for a different set of channels
but that is about all I know about it. Nice old radio but not too useful on SSB without channel 38!
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Apr 25, 2017
An add on VFO covering 11 and 12Mhz range is ideal. If you go with a single crystal instead, I would replace the 11.705Mhz crystal (Ch1 - Ch4) with a 12.105Mhz crystal. Ch1 will then become 36, Ch2 becomes 37, Ch3 becomes 38, and Ch4 becomes 40. Unfortunately with that crystal you will be missing Ch39. Use Dmans chart to calculate crystal frequencies for other missing channels. Note: After first replacing all the electrolytic caps, a complete realignment plus tweaking of all the crystals on center is something that should be done in any case.

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