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Dec 12, 2011
OK, people, I have heard for a long long time that you can't get new hubs for the moonrakers. After breaking one on mine, I find that this is the truth. So here's what I am doing.... I am a machinist and mold builder, I had thought of writing a program and using my CnC to run new ones out, but after remembering there are tons of you out there that need them too, I have decieded to build a moud and run them in production. Todays plastic is pound per pound stronger than most metels and has give in it, unlike alum. I am also going to beef up the hubs, thickness wise. I am working on the Proto's now and man they look great. I have talked to Copper's and they are very interested as well. these should sell for around $20.00, whick is a lot better than $50.00 for a used one on ebay, IF YOU CAN FIND ONE! These will last years out in the weather and can be taken off and on without breakage.

Just putting a feeler out here to see if theres an intrest. Let me know what you guys think....

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Oct 29, 2011
I just had a meeting with a machinist today. He has drop off material that will be perfect. He also has a lot of nylatron drop off for the insulated hubs. He's going to build several nylatron and aluminum hubs for the cost of the drop off. We are going with a solid block design as apposed too the two piece factory design. These parts will be a lot stronger and last much longer then the two piece design. A good friend of mine has designed, built, and tested a few three and four element PDL2's. I guess they will be PDL 3's and 4's, I'm opting for the three element.
Hopefully we will have it up and running in a couple months. I'm in a search mode for PDL2's and Moonraker 4's for parts.
I ran stacked PDL's back 15 years ago when parts were more available. They are getting hard too find now.
Good luck in your venture!(y)
Apr 17, 2009
new york
hey irock never mind i found a dude in chicago that can build hubs i dont need noconductive hubs because once you use the fiberglass elements that makes the
refector nonconductive anyway, i never understood why they made a plastic hub on
the refector end of the PLD 2 if u think about it the hub was plactic then it was afixed with aluminum element half way and then the fiberglass arms the rest of the way, fiberglass breaks the conductive part rite but i did find a link that might help you

komatoast69 | eBay

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