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My Little Shack New Shelf

Handy Andy

Do Your Research First, Then Decide...
Apr 23, 2018

You can't put a price on this.
They believe in you.​

Shadetree Mechanic

808 On The North Side of Dover
Oct 23, 2017
The First State (Delaware)
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You can't put a price on this.
They believe in you.​
Yes, that's my teenaged daughter's work. She had done that a few years ago, she wants to go to some kind of art / music school. She is our baby, and she remembers when she was about 8 years old and she dropped her chap stick down the opening where the dryer lint screen goes... so we set about to take the back off the dryer and learn about all the parts of the dryer. I had her take apart the stuff and had her put it all back together too. She never gave up or lost interest.

I don't have a handle, just a number (808) because "Shade Tree" is already taken by one of our locals. I have often thought about making my handle "Mr. Fix It" because of that card.

"The Original Mr. Fix It Waving A Hand!" HAHA!


Sr. Member
Feb 25, 2014
Coventry RI
I'm going to miss Fathers Day ! Not for me for the Inner City Kids . Every year my club RI Salt Water Anglers , takes them fishing . :) Last year Wx cancelled it , this year Covid 19 ! :( Nothing like seeing a 5-10 year old ( sometimes older ) catch an 8 lb Blue Fish ! :D We have a Big Cook Out for them after also . Doing this just always makes my day ! ( All Year for that matter ) . I don't know who it sucks more for ? Me or the Kids ? Stay Healthy & Safe ! 73 & God Bless ! Leo

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  • @ AudioShockwav:
    Sorry to hear you troubles, he is famous around here for his scams.
  • @ AudioShockwav:
  • @ kb9ghn:
    My first thought was the i.r.s. may be interested in a long term money making scam without proper taxes being paid..probably more than electronics involved.
  • @ Toll_Free:
    My first thought was why hasn't someone paid him a visit. I mean, his address is posted above.
  • @ beakster1715:
    Good news! I opened an appeal case after eBay sided with superhawkwss6. I also opened an IC3 case & sent that information to eBay. Within an hour they responded, reversed their decision and returned all of my money. Unfortunately, superhawkwss6 stole my CB radio and eBay will likely not suspend or close his account, but rather allow him to continue his criminal activity. I think I'll still file a report with our sheriff's dept (the sheriff is a friend of mine) though I know this type of crime isn't worth their time. This guy needs to be stopped and I'm certainly going to do my best to make that happen.