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I dont know, Its been a while and I thought that I would post some pics. I dont need anything else to run it so I didnt add anything. All I need is the SWR Meter and the radio in my station.
chrismoll said:

My little station, I decided to put a little pics up, I know it is NO MESS at all, once I have some money I will Start to buy some "Stuff/Junk" for my station
This is got to be the LITTLEST Station in UPSTATE NEW YORK

Hey, nothing to be ashamed of there dude... I've had stations that were in a closet (of all things), or had a big desk and a mobile radio with a ps.....it's your station and be proud of it!


Chrismoll, there is nothing wrong with that station. As long as you enjoy tx'ing and rx'ing, and you've got what it takes to do what you want - your base station is great. Keep on enjoying the hobby! ;)

LoneWolf TN
well ,IM not sure what you have / but if you have anything I would hope it was all about a good antenna about 50ft or so up in the sky / I've ran so many radios (cb's) over the years that I can't even count them all let alone remember them all...I do remember having a little back pocket Cobra 19XS that was tuned to the hilt ....I wired a D-104 lolly pop to it and ran a little 5 amp power supply with it off a Antron 99 on a 50 foot push up pole with just over 35 feet of RG-213 coax (I was on the second floor) ....DUDES SWORE UP AND DOWN THAT I WAS RUNNING POWER !!! Not even close !!! (-: So one would truly be surprised what somebody else was running on any given day of the week .....but bottom line here for me was ...it was truly all about the ANTENNA !!! (-: they say 90% of all radio set ups have to do with the mighty ANTENNA'S IN THE SKY'S .......we could talk about BEAMS but I'll save that for another day. (-: (nothing more pleasing to me then truly seeing what 5 little watts can truly do) but then again there's always good ole Mother Nature and them there mountains and foothills ....now we really talk'in !! (-:

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