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New Icom ID-31 440Mhz DSTAR HT with GPS


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Apr 14, 2002
EDIT: The Icom ID-31A has been released. A full, ongoing review is posted at http://www.worldwidedx.com/product-reviews/131815-icom-id-31a-review-440mhz-d-star-handitalkie.html

Icom showed off some images of a new HT at a hamfest in Germany recently, the ID-31. It's a 440Mhz DSTAR and analog HT that looks very slim and compact based on the company's renderings. With built in GPS, it should work nicely as a handheld DPRS radio. We'll have to wait for more information on this one as there isn't much known yet. I've attached the image that Icom is showing.


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Do any of the other HTs have SD card slots in them?

Wonder what its for, datalogging perhaps?

I didn't even notice that MicroSD slot at first. Good catch. I have no idea what it's for, but data or waypoint logging would be my guess?
I'd love a dual band version of this, only slightly interested in a 440 only radio, unless the price is decent on it.
Universal Radio is now taking orders on this radio, expecting the units to arrive by 12/17/11. The price is $399.

It does have some interesting features:
-Built in GPS
-Micro SD card slot that can act as a DVR, GPS logger, or memory backup
-Automatic Repeater list: Using the GPS, it will update your HT automatically with local D-STAR repeater info.

It will be interesting to keep an eye on how well this little radio is received by the ham community.
Had one in my hand today at HRO

I dropped into HRO, asked them to look into their UPS shipments, and sure enough - they had 5!

I really wanted to buy it, but UHF only? This radio could be considered perfect if and only if it had wideband receive. Sadly, it doesn't and that's why I left the store without any new toys.


I grabbed one yesterday before a trip back east figuring I'd make use of the gps and preprogrammed database.....I like the concept here but I need a few days to dig in a give you some real impressions, I haven't been super thrilled with the gps yet....but let's see how it performs this week
I just started the Yahoo Group for the ID-31

hoping it'll be a wonderful resource online of support and information

Please support by joining if you're interested in the ID-31 or own it

Join Here!!

I like the concept of this HT, but I wonder why 2 meters was not included in this HT?

I just purchased the IC-92AD a couple of weeks ago and am using it in conjunction with a DVAP, since I do not have a DStar repeater close by (like many users).

The ID-31 would not be an option for me, even though the price / features seem very competitive.
Well, I purchased the new radio to give it a try. I updated the first post with a link to the review that I started!
I saw these accessory prices....they are like Yaesu only more! ...Maybe they should try to bring them down to a realistic price...then we might buy them and not look for alternative....They are digging their own grave...

> > Earphone headset: $170
> > 1700mA battery: $130
> > Belt clip for battery: $30
> > Free software but $76 for a cloning cable?
Universal Radio

Peep the accessories here, though they're certainly not cheap they're definately well under list price and its $99 for the 1880 mAh

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