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New project Picuters added UPDATE


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Apr 2, 2005
Nebraska's cornfields
Well another day of being bored and some skip i decided to drive around and look for a tower. To my suprise by our house was somewhat like a tower. Hopefully the people didnt need it. I have a better use for it. 8) Its more like metal stairs and a flat place to stand on on the top( as you can tell i cant describe it) But at the top their is a hollow pole that i can slip the antenna into and i can make it move up and down. So the antenna is now adjustable! To the top is about 20 feet hight give or take a foot or so. I will take pictures when i can but its on the ground and i have to take it to the shop this week to do some serious welding and adding more peices to it. so i dont fall over when i get to the top. :) And i have to add a long 30 foot steal rode throung the antenna pole so it wont bend like it does now! After this is done it is going to be awesome. And the top of the antenna should reach around 75 to 80 feet. Now when a storm comes i can lower it. :D Should be a sight after im done with it. I will keep you updated. CDX197 ..................................................................................................................................................... Well i dont know if their are any hunters here they would know what im talking about but we have about 10 tree stands and out of the 10 we have 3 towers. So what my dad and i did was bring a tower home drive a 10 foot pole into the ground for the antenna. We then put a pole in it and cemented the outer pole into the ground. We are waiting for the cement to dry so tomorrow we are going to get a BOOM for the loader and drive the pole threw the antenna pole i have set up now. Them when we put it in we will have holes drilled in the pole so if i want to move the pole up maby 10 feet i can. And when a story comes i can lower it. the poles are grounded as good as i could get it. When i get done i will post pictures of what we did. When i raise the antenna the tip of it should reach about 65 feet or maby higher. And when i want to lower it i could probably get it down to 20 feet or so!






Hope they worked. If not i havent figured out how to post pictures.
I know the caddy needs wheels. It my uncles and hes away for a couple of weeks and he didnt want it stolen. HAHA but it only has 1st gear. LOL and i have something planed out for putting it up. I am going to find a telaphone pole and dig it down as far as we can. Then when we stand it up we will have holes dug for the bottom to the stairs and another hole dug for the middle bar thats coming down. And also their is a cellar on the left side were we are going to put it up. We will get cables and bolt it down to the cellar. I want to get everything welded this week on the 9th or 10th and maby have it set up. But i dought its going to go to plan. But as you can tell we are going to have to do a lot of welding on it. As you can see their is a hollow pole at the top. I am planning on seting something up so i can ajust the antenna so i can raise and lower it!

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