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Older Connex 3300HP-ZX mod identification?


New Member
Feb 9, 2022
More info on the 3300HP-ZX;

That wrinkled looking black cap at C166, that has one just like it that's brown and not wrinkled on the foil side, anyway the top one was completely burned up. I knew it looked funny and sure enough I touched it and it crumbled and there is burnt residue on the coils around it. I borrowed one out of my old General Lee to test in this radio, it's not cooking the cap but it didn't seem to make a difference. Didn't change the weird issue with lack of power and no modulation on RF high/ and only a little modulation on RF low. On my nearby monitoring radio, RF low out of this radio sounds pretty good even with only maybe 2w of swing, can barely hear myself when I switch to RF high.

The double diode/double resistor contraption that was at R240, that I replaced with the correct value based on this board parts layout, had a 2.2k and 43k resistor. Not sure what model/value diodes.

TR32 was originally missing, and I replaced it with one out of a Cobra 29 which is the same part number.

The antenna wire doesn't go through the slot to the foil side, it goes to the empty spot for R213. Is this normal?

Handy Andy

Do Your Research First, Then Decide...
Apr 23, 2018
So you know...

IF it looks like this...

Your good.

R213 is a STATIC suppressor resistor - but not needed in all chassis.

The "ouline" of a coil next to that resistor is a 52MHz trap you may find on some older radios - the Cobra 29 "unit" being it's cap an coil - can work here.


Right next to R213 is a "unmarked" cap outline it's empty, that is where the 29's cap would go, the coil from that same 29s' 52MHz trap location fits that coil outline
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