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Original CB License......

Jul 8, 2011
KEAR 5179 was my first.....a year later FCC dropped issuing CB licensing.:laugh:
Now I have a 2950 with a D-104 ASTTIC 6 pin hand mic. Now I have to figure out how to rewire the mic. No radio doc out where I live..Anyone know the color chart and numbers for the 104?(y)


Dec 6, 2010
A little history.
In 1982 Congress enabled the FCC to drop licensing for CB

Odessa Office - Wireless - History of License Exepmt Rules

In that case I want my fifty bucks back.



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Apr 29, 2011
I started out on my older brothers radio in 1971.....Black Face Johnson D-104 and MACO 750 Some kind of big beam......got my own CB in 1977...a Cobra 29 23 channel....started out with a back of the set antenna and upgraded to a Supermagnum antenna and a turner +2 desk mic....never wanted to join a club run by the feral govmint. :)


May 26, 2010
ol cb

kdd 1151 browning mark 3 birds 23 ch tram d201 still talking om them both have been redone they dont make this qualty now enjoy our hobby


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Jul 13, 2011
Lemoyne, Pa.


Jul 6, 2011
"Mellow Yellow"

KZF2926, and believe it or not, after all these years I HAVE screwed up a couple times and used it signing off from amateur!

Started with a pair of Laugh-a-lot 525s, one mobile and one tricked up as a base. Went to a Pace 1000M for the mobile and then a Pace 1000B for the base. 102" whip and spring on the bumper. Used a Starduster for the base and with a 100w "space heater" in the room, I did some serious talking in those Allegheny foothills. Had that Staduster down to a match around 1.2 most of the way around and had it up at about 20 feet over the house peak. Never found a need for a beam. Some kind of power mic not D-104 but I can't remember what. Loved sidebanding with that Pace! Had QSLs from a whole lot of states. Sunday morning was great.

LOT of fun back then and I did work both REACT and a local club and spent a lot of time helping with traffic directions and storm assistance - lot of snow in WNY!

Anyone besides me ever park the mobile at night over railroad tracks to try to boost the ground plane? I swear it worked!


Oct 23, 2011
I remember it as if it were yesterday. KACP-9592, i got it in about 1976 and by that time they had used up all the 3 letter combos and gone to four. My handle was Charger II because my brother drove a black 1969 charger daytona and his handle was Black Charger. My first base antenna was a moon raker. I had a 23 channel base unit with a D104. Before they came out with 24 to 40 i used to be able to find a channel between 23 and 1. Other people could find it and it was great because not many people would be on that freq. Does anyone else remember this channel?
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Active Member
Feb 16, 2010
I have been trying in vain for several years to remember by call sign.

Midland, no clue what kind.

Baby Bear

I do remember meeting a young lady over the air. Her handle was Cat Ballou.

And she was, in person.............................................................................


Not what you expected huh?


WDX Club Coordinator
Staff member
Nov 5, 2008
The Great White north
Oh boy.
Call - XM43-12394
Handle - Stringbean
Radio - I want to say a Citizen 23 channel that I rigged into a portable. Powered b 2 x 6 volt square flashlight batteries and a 3' fiberglass designed to come off of the so-239. I put another 90 connector on it to make it come up the top of the radio. Had it mounted in a over the shoulder bag. Range about 5 miles with fresh batteries.


Aug 2, 2011
Home of the Steelers
My dad's station at work was KOM7172. They had a base and several mobiles, mostly Realistic rigs of various models. They had a Moonraker IV on a 60' homemade tilt-over made from a highway light post high on a hill just south of Mars, PA.

Later, we built another base at home in West View with the call sign KAEI6664. I worked that one, and it was a dream. The antenna was a 5/8 wave ground plane on a 50' pipe mast beside the house, well above the treetops. The rig was a hand-wired Tram D201. It had the VFO transmit mod and the output was boosted. I could talk to Dad in the mobile over most of the greater Pittsburgh area. I worked mostly SSB back then, and also a good bit of DX.


Jun 17, 2009
Southeast Ohio
My wife is from Mars. I like that area up there. Pittsburgh is a wild place to explore. My father in law is a retired Pittsburgh Homicide Detective. He used to take me on some wild nights of exploring downtown. Damn good food and nice people.

We've been talking of moving back, but in the Butler area.

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