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pontiac Fiero

Is that a fiberglass body? If so, the biggest problem is going to be the antenna. I suppose there's not frame on that vehicle either? Do you have room on the dash for a small radio?
naw its not fiberglass its a plastic composit..and i dont want another vehical..its got good power and handles like a dream..better than any front engine car i have ever drove...there is a pic floating around a guy has a 10k on a 84 i only seen it once..i know it can be done but its just a little diffacult
So-called "no ground" antennas will work, but usually won't handle any real power. They're sold for boats and RVs. Pretty sure Fire-Stik has one.

What we'd do for a police car was a so-called 'ground-plane kit', made of metal-foil tape. Gets laid out as a square on the inside of the non-metal body surface, around the hole where the antenna mount is installed. It's a special tape with a conductive adhesive.

On 150 or 450 MHz, this isn't a very large area. Used this stuff on the inside of some fiberglass RV roofs, but gaining acess to a 9-foot by 9-foot area on the inside of the body panel won't be easy on the Fiero. Just isn't that large to start with. A ground wire isn't the same as a 'ground plane' that surrounds the antennas mounting point. A single wire won't mimic the metal surface area surrounding the antenna's feed point. That's what the foil does.

Never have tried putting a half-dozen or so quarter-wave long "radial wires" on the inside of a Fiero. The vertical antenna at an AM broadcast transmitter doesn't rely on the soil for a ground. They typically use 120 separate quarter-wave long wires in a circle radiating away from the tower's feed point. Makes for a more effective "ground plane". For a broadcaster, making the antenna efficient is money in the bank, so they'll spend what it takes.

If you're gonna run barefoot, a marine or motorcycle-type "no ground" antenna is the simplest solution. To use a ground-type antenna, the only question is how much metal you'll have to add to the vehicle to make that antenna work.

the fiero has an aluminum sub frame..i do plan on running a 2 transistor amp, me and a few buddy where looking @ it today..i think i'm gonna find another rear deck lid then mount a pice of metal on the underside of the decklid, then off that run ground strap to the subframeshoul add good support for the antenna and (hopefully) a good enough ground if i have to run ground strap along the underside of the body pannels and hopefully that will help

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