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May 21, 2013
I have a transformer that shower 19v ac and when I ran it through a rectifier and a capacitor I now have 26vdc WTF I don't understand I thought when it goes through rectifier I loose a volt or two is the capacitor bringing the voltage up its a 25 v capacitor im confused....... how can I lower the power and keep the amperage?

Captain Kilowatt

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Apr 6, 2005
Nova Scotia,Canada
19 volts is the RMS value. AC also has a peak value which is equal to 1.41 times the RMS value (Actually the square root of 2 times the value but I rounded off). The capacitor filters out the raw AC ripple and charges upo to the peak value of the AC voltage. 19 volts X 1.41 = 26.8 volts. This voltage is unregulated meaning it will change depending on how much current you draw. This is the reason power supplies are regulated. You need a voltage regulator circuit and associated circuitry to handle the required current.

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Aug 28, 2013
Is there a good design with high reliability regulator anywhere. All that I have searched have been pretty generic, non specific and or had many complaints for RF application reliability.
I can't get into the technical aspects of a power supply but I am really disturbed by interference caused by one, depends on how many amps you are interested in but I have had and still have two of the very inexpensive Mega-Watt 30 and 36 amp supplies and they have been faultless with absolutely no noise or hash and are adjustable 9 to 15 watts with a wobbley screw. My old Ashtron big and heavy with small amperage output for it's size is also great with no hum or buzz. I have just purchase a QJE-50 amp switching supply with a adjustable interference knob I have yet to use. I use my ashtron just for my 148GTL only and use a separate power supply for my amp so using two supplies and get 0 noise is pretty good. The QJE 50 I will be replacing the Mega-Watt because my amp needs more amperage than my Mega-Watt can produce.
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