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President Randy fcc

Comes with a little rubber antenna that's probably just a little dummy load at best. There's a couple of videos on the eu version showing the mobile attachment that replaces the battery pack adding a lighter plug and so239 for external antenna. We'll soon find out.
My friend just took off on his Bicycle and maintained 6-7 s-units for a 1/4 mile. Past that he fell to 5# and after 2 long blocks he went fuzzy going under a fwy overpass. Then he dropped into oblivion lol. So a 1/4 mile solid good sounding signal, then fuzzy but readable 1/8th mile. I have no clue what it could have been if he didnt go under the Interstate which is like a tall hill at that point.

I have a Galaxy DX88HL & Serio 827 @ 54' tip
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Shadetree Mechanic

808 On The North Side of Dover
Oct 23, 2017
The First State (Delaware)
These radios are high quality and have great features. Turn the modulation up to 100% and connect to a 9 foot whip and it is just as big as any radio out there. Unfortunately the rubber duck antenna does not do it justice.

I have a fluorescent light over the kitchen sink and the ballast is going out. Usually I can flick the light switch just right and it will come on. But then that trick didn't work anymore. Then I remembered that my Randy generates RF...... So I put the antenna beside one of the bulbs and hit the key. Bingo! The light comes on. After having to do that a few times, the light turns on now without a jump start.

Then I showed this little trick to the kids, and they went around the house roger beeping all the lights. Haha!



8-2-8 in the Lonestar state
Feb 21, 2016
The Lonestar State
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    My first thought was the i.r.s. may be interested in a long term money making scam without proper taxes being paid..probably more than electronics involved.
  • @ Toll_Free:
    My first thought was why hasn't someone paid him a visit. I mean, his address is posted above.
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    Good news! I opened an appeal case after eBay sided with superhawkwss6. I also opened an IC3 case & sent that information to eBay. Within an hour they responded, reversed their decision and returned all of my money. Unfortunately, superhawkwss6 stole my CB radio and eBay will likely not suspend or close his account, but rather allow him to continue his criminal activity. I think I'll still file a report with our sheriff's dept (the sheriff is a friend of mine) though I know this type of crime isn't worth their time. This guy needs to be stopped and I'm certainly going to do my best to make that happen.
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    Good Evening!