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Purchasing a CB


Sep 18, 2005
I am thinking about purchasing a CB Radio, what what are some good ones, and what else to i need to buy (mics' antenna's?)

You can hit me up PM, or just reply here on the forum.

Get you a Galaxy 949 and a 102" whip on a solid mount. RG58/U will be fine or RG8/U is even better. I think the stock Galaxy mic is just fine too.

If you want more channels, get the Galaxy 959 because it has the frequency counter and you can add your own channel mod as easy as cutting two wires and adding two switches.

If you want more power, get you an external amplifier as big as you want or can afford to run.

If you want more freaky toys like echo or more power in a radio, look at an export model.
You also have to look at what you want and how much space you have in whatever car or truck your going to puy it in.A lot of time even though it seems like it would be better to buy something like a Galaxy 949 and a small amp to go with it you could for the same amount of money get something like a Galaxy 48T or a connex turbo.Lots of power(150 watts +),channels and echo,the same things that in time you may want on that 949.Look at it like this.$160.00(or more) for a 949.Peak and tune(for more power) $50.00 and up maybe less depends on the shop.In most shops a 250 watt amp will be $225.00 and higher.Now for under $400.00 including a basic peak and tune you can have a better radio(48T or Connex turbo)takes up less room and will talk as far as you want.That 102 whip will work great if you dont mind that tall of an antenna,i love mine.

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