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Question on FRS versus GMRS....

Wire Weasel

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Dec 13, 2008
I've 5 "cheap" Baofeng UV-* HT and a UV-50x2, not so cheep, with supposedly 50W PEP. I listen to the weekly 2M check-in on the UV-50 and that's it. They are all essentially unused, but kept fully charged, and ready for SHTF deployment. I've given reoccurring thought and have read the HAM licensing bible. I'm tired of formalities, yet I'll address you as Sir, young or old, when deserved; not when it's required. The formalities of licensed operating inhibits my moving forward, hell, at times I forget my own fictional 11M call sign.

Reminds me of the time when a doctor, a Major, gets out of his car in a nearby reserved parking spot and walked uncovered, that is without his hat on, towards me standing under a drive through with an overhead cover, at which point neither a hat nor saluting is required. He passes me then backs up, "Sergeant, don't you know your'e suppose to salute". I whipped up a sharp salute and he walks onward, with me following still holding my salute. He begins opening the door and I said, "excuse me major" he turns to looks at me, and I continued, "would you mind helping me down". At which time he responded with a growl on his face and proceeded on. I didn't press it any further. In case you don't get the gist of that, he was suppose to return a salute, before I was to lower mine. Formalities.

Damn 0s; Never knew one who wouldn't salute with a cupped hand nor could they find the outer point of their eyebrow.
Slight Correction - FM doesn't do PEP, they're just straight carrier level. No "swing"
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Mar 8, 2011
Deer Park, TX
Okay, I am just now getting back to this. The radio in question is a Maxus 21-1918 (I also own a Baofeng UV-5R, a Yaesu FTM-400XD and an Icom 7300).
I just pulled down a copy of the user manual(2 sheets) and close to the beginning their statement on licensing is as follows..... and I quote....

"The 21-1918 radio operates on the General Mobile Radio
Service (GMRS) frequencies which require a Federal
Communications Commission license to operate. For
licensing information and application forms,visit the
FCC on-line at:www.fcc.gov/wtb/uls or call the FCC
hotline at 1-800-418-3676. If you have any questions you
can contact the FCC direct at 1-888-225-5322."

Depending how one interprets this text, it seems to imply that if I step on one of the 15 shared channels (GMRS) I need to be licensed to use this radio.

I think I am going to go "dig up" the good ol' FCC Part 95 and look at the subparts on FRS & GMRS and see what they say.
The point is somewhat moot as I am not sure that I would be using these things much beyond a family type context. Like... camping... an outing of some kind.... or something we are doing where we are separated.

Still I find it a curious point as I, too, thought that the license requirement was more about "the equipment" than "the channel you are on". As in, low power.... fixed antenna.

By the way, I've had my UV-5R on my spectrum analyzer and I was really surprised at how clean it was. This is one of the older ones (fully unlocked out of the box) and it is NOT the tri-band. But any placewhere I would expect harmonics.... when I look.... if there is anything it is well down in level where it should be. The bit about "wide front end" may be true... but I have fun with it anyway.


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Dec 7, 2005
Western Washington
The term "type accepted" doesn't appear in current FCC terminology. It's now "certificated", meaning FCC has tested this model from this manufacturer and certifies that it's within the limits of frequency accuracy, power output and such. For off-brand radios, good luck.


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Apr 6, 2005
Nor Cal Sierra Nevada
"certificated", meaning FCC has tested this model from this manufacturer and certifies that it's within the limits of frequency accuracy, power output and such.
Now the FCC doesn't even actually handle the product anymore.
The manufacturer sends a single sample radio to a test facility of there choice who runs the tests.
The FCC gets the report and rubber stamps it.
We have a place up here that does this called CKC Labs.

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