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Quieter Fan Mod for FT-7800 and FT-7900


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Apr 6, 2005
Sierras Near Yosemite National Park
The original fan of the FT-7900 / FT-7800 is pretty loud, especially in a quiet shack.

Therefore I changed the original cooler with the "SilenX iXtrema PRO 40 mm (10mm)". This cooler has only 14 dBA and 3200 rpm but with 8,5m³/h nearly the same air flow as the original fan! For comparison, the original fan has 9m³/h air flow with the noise level at 23 dBA and 5400 rpm.

The easiest way is to desolder the original wires and solder them to the solder points of the new fan, because the original 2-Pin connector is a sub-miniature type. The stickers on the fans can be bend up with a sharp knife so you reach the solder points.

To change the fans it´s only necessary to open the transceiver on the upper side (Loudspeaker).

After this little mod my FT-7900 runs much quieter.

Mod Provided by Herb, OF5BFM.


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