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Radios and equipment for sale

I want to thank H1driver for being an honest seller on our forum. And to put others at ease if making a purchase from him. I purchased a 2995DX from him for a tiddy sum of money and rolled the dice all would end well. Well, I received the radio and it looks like new yet was produced in th early 2000's.
He definitely takes care of his stuff. He packed it very well and was fair on the price. I have been looking for some time for a 2995DX of this specific vintage that had both the upgraded power supply and Toshiba transistors instead of MOSFETs. I wanted this radio as it brings back memories of my early days of radio. Feel a ease if purchasing from him and rest assured his equipment is in pristine condition. H1driver is an honest seller with really nice stuff. Nice to see honesty and integrity is alive and well on this forum....
I have several radios for sale:

Ranger 2970N2
Ranger 2950
Stryker 955HP
Magnum S9
Magnum S9175
Ranger 2980wx
Ranger 2995dx
President Lincoln (2)
Uniden HR2510 (2)
President George (3)
Emperor 5010 (2)
Uniden Grant (2)
Connex 566SB
RCI 3900HP

if you see anything you might be interested in let me know and I will be glad to get the radios down and take best pictures.

Thanks for looking.
do you have a uniden grant?
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y heart is set on an XL.
Your heart is set on a XL but how about your wallet? Lol...lol...lol!
I have my original Grant XL I purchased new in 2002. The capacitors have recently been replaced by a current forum member. The radio is factory stock at about 3.5 factory set watts. No modifications, no extra channels, no toys, no extra knobs, etc. etc. The radio always worked perfectly, and the capacitors were replaced only because of the age of the radio. The radio is being shipped back to me in a few days. You can send me a PM if you require more info. I have not settled on the selling price yet and I want to check and test the radio myself prior to selling it.

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