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Ranger SS-3900EGHP WOW!!!


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Jun 27, 2021
A friend of mine wanted me to see what I could do with this one. I told him I'd try.

No transmit whatsoever.
No receive (when I turn it on, I do hear the speaker come on).

After checking it out, I found the following:
Shorted passthrough regulator.
Shorted AF regulator.
Small cap in front of passthrough blown in half.
Trace burnt after the AF regulator.
C204 (next to driver bias VR) blown in half.
Several traces burnt in half in front of driver.

After repairing all the above, I still have no transmit signal at all. The final bias' will adjust fine up to the specs, but the driver shows zero no matter where you turn the driver bias VR.

Driver checks fine,
Finals check fine,
Pre-driver checks fine,
Diodes mounted on finals all show good,
Antenna connection is fine,
Passthrough section now working,
Driver VR tests as a 1k ohm variable,
All parts in front of driver tests fine,

I think this radio is a lost cause, lol...
Checked frequencies off of TP3, all show higher than 16.69mhz. From the looks of the bottom of the board, someone had fun with their soldering iron and razor blade.

Here are some pics of the board (trace side). What do you all think, fixable?

8v regulator & Audio section
PLL & Adder section
Passthrough section
Output section

The board hackery is fixable. But some of it looks like it would be very tedious and time consuming work.

The exploded components make me wonder if there's some more failed parts on the board just waiting to be found. Which is additional time and effort to track all those down.

So is it fixable? Yes. Is it worth the time? Eh....
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Nice looking radio too, lol...shame it's in this shape.

It's the American Spirit edition, gold trim, gold knobs and switches, American flag face.

Shame, I may just put it to the side for later.

On to the next one, Uniden Washington (8719):
Power supply upgrade to 12a, RFX95HD mounted on rear, complete alignment.
I've got a cousin to that rig, the Super Star 3900 PLUS. Gold faceplate is all pitted, and the knobs are worse. Flag emblem still looks good, though.
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  • @ wavrider:
  • @ Jim5570091:
    Antenna length on my mobile. So I’ve had 3 different radios in my truck. 2006 f250 super duty. 29ltd NW, 29 ltd clasic, and now a galaxy DX44HP. My steel whip is somewhere around 89”. Which I know is way to short. But show 1.2 SWR on all 3 radios. And I have a a bench SWR meter that shows the same results. Which I find odd and disturbing. Note the frequency is 27.205. The longer I make the whip the higher the SWR. At 102” it’s up around 2.5. Which totally blows any of my experience i have with mobile radio antennas. I have the antenna mounted to a post just higher than the cab. I’ve swapped the jump through several to different ones. Even tried lug and so239. Connections at the antenna. Seems to transmit well and receives well. Any ideas how this could be possible?
  • @ Jim5570091:
    Turns out I was missing the ground to the cab. Problem solved. Now have 102” exact and 1.2 SWR 26.005 megahertz through 28.005 megahertz. Pictures posted on my profile.