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RF Limited News . . .

magnum 257 hp

just got a call from sam he is sending my radio to another shop.
this will be the 4th time in 3 months. hope its the last time.
Just talked to Eric @ RF Limited on the phone just a few moments ago . . .

Sam Lewis has indeed passed away. He died from cancer which he had been battling the last few years. His son Eric now runs the business. Sam was a mover and shaker in the Ham/CB community for decades, as many here are aware of.

I liked Sam, and had many interesting conversations with him.

They did inform me that the CR-577 mic has been discontinued due to a lack of availability/supply of same mic elements with the same audio quality. There is a new mic on the drawing board that will be coming soon. It will be shipped with the new radio models and will also be available separately . . .

In addition, there are five new Magnum radios that are going to be released by RF Limited in the next few months. Since CB Radio Magazine/online magazine is retired, I am going to write the review when the first radio becomes available. This new radio will be capable of 10 -12m operation - for starters . . .
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Ive often looked at the CR577 but dont know anyone whos run one. Are they comparable to my ASTATIC MB575?? I was gunshy as I had seen articles are their mics or a few breaking being cheaply made :( Ide still like one so anyone thats tried one any input would be appreciated.

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