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solid s-9 RFI


Jun 24, 2011
I have solid 6-9 across 10 and 11 meters. I disconnect coax and its quiet. I think its external. Day or night solid s-7 to s-9 high static hiss sound/carrier. I actually shot a email to a local Amateur Radio website I found, to see if they can help too.

Any help will be appreciated. {Cry_river}


W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member
May 31, 2011
Central Iowa
I have experienced that when my neghbor fires up his 8N on mowing day, or my other neighbors 4H pigs wrestle against the electric fence.

I suspect the fence gets disconnected sometimes! :eek:

I am fortunate that our utilities are buried and RF doesn't affect the pigs...Sounds like time for some Sleuthing with the coax disconnected. The noise should increase the closer you get to the sourse...Good luck!
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May 18, 2008
First thing you want to do is make sure it is not in your house. Run your radio off a battery, and shut off your main breaker. If the noise stops, then you have to check each breaker one a time, until you find the circuit with the nois. Then you check each item on that circuit.
If it is not in your house, you will need to search the neighborhood. Use a small AM broadcast radio for this.


Sr. Member
Aug 3, 2005
Last time I did that I ended up driving around a 10 mile radius and there was no end. I got some boxes and put away the radio gear. I'm in a different place now and thinking of dusting off the old gear and giving it another go...

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