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Static / Noise on VHF Radio


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Mar 17, 2014
Hello all,

I am doing a little experimenting and am having problems with static/ noise on my marine radio. As of right now the radio is mounted in my vehicle(hence the experiment). The noise/ static is pretty much constant, and adjusting the squelch has little effect. If the static does sop, it will return if I key the mic or if someone talks over the radio. It also seems to act up if I am around traffic lights and signals, gas station or bank signs, high power electric lines, and other miscellaneous wireless communication devices. I am not an expert by any means, but I do not believe that my antenna is bad because if I test the connection by pulling the cable connection in in out using the weather channels and it performs as it should.

The radio is a brad new uniden radio, could something be wrong with it? or is it indeed the antenna ?

How the eclectic or wireless communication devise effect the radio? what can I do to stop the constant static/ noise?


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Apr 8, 2005
There's no telling what that noise may be, there are a lot of sources for it. I have to assume that it is probably ignition/fuel pump/etc. Would it be less if on a boat? Beats me, depends on the electrical systems and I know nothing about that.
- 'Doc


Aug 5, 2012
Pulling on the ant. cable while receiving isn't a very good test of the connection. Is this also a marine antenna? The noise could be coming form lots of things. I would suspect your power wiring which should be connected directly to the battery. You might try some ferrite chokes on the power leads.
However, I don't see the point of curing the noise in your installation. I know it's illegal to transmit on marine frequencies from a motor vehicle, I'm not sure about having the radio mounted in one.
It belongs on a boat or perhaps at a marina.

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