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Stryker 955 NPC/swing mod

Handy Andy

Do Your Research First, Then Decide...
Apr 23, 2018
Removing D28 kills AM transmission... on mine it did...
What the heck you up against?

Can you post up a pic of where your D28 is?

There are several board "types" but if you have this one...

Here's what I would do...


Locate rear panel in Yellow Square,
Locate Q54 - to it's right - next to it are a SMD cap and Resistor
Place BANDED end of Diode to Starred location
(towards rear panel)
Use a 220ohm resistor in series
-solder it's free end to opposite side of these two parts​

To compromise the Limiter to function less clipping - SHORT out D28 using solder blob or remove and solder jumper in place.

AM ANL W10 pot can now control Limiter linearly...

To disable Limiter remove D41 - Not shown TP501

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It is Your Responsibility

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Certified Sith Pimp
Aug 25, 2015
Well I do not know, I did not confirm that. I did confirm that jumping it (removing it actually) did work and seems to work very well.

I've never done the NPC where you've listed, I've always done it on the back of the board.

Big Kahuna

Sr. Member
Jul 31, 2008
I did the mod on the lincoln 2 with removing D28 and AM and SSB audio worked perfectly fine after mod. This was on the older v3. Not sure what people are running into or if they just removed it without doing the NPC mod. Very hard to fit the parts in but I managed it. Why did I do the mod - because I wanted to drive a particular amp with 1 watt input and the radio on AM the peak was super low when carrier was turned down. NPC solved that.

On 955 this is not an issue though so wouldn't do the mod on that radio.

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