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Suggestions for 6 meter Antenna

The thing about 6 meters, when it is open you can stick a coat hangar in the SO-239 port and work DX. But it is not open all the time.

The Moxon described above is easy to make. I velcroed one to the top of my pick up shell. Not an exact fit but it worked good enough to make a lot of DX contacts.

If you got basic hand tools make a beam. I built the one in the link below. Works like a champ. I've since used the gamma match design and built a 6 ele for the base, and a 4 ele for rover. I used element lengths and spacing from another website. If I can find it I'll post it too.

And if you want to go digital, 6 meters is open ever week end with all the ping jockeys. I get tired of talking about the weather.



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