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Super Scanner


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Oct 30, 2020
Those are unique, I remember a guy several miles up north from me had one. It seemed to work pretty good because without
couldn't have talked, not on a GP
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Oct 2, 2010
I have owned Three of them from the 70's until about 10 years ago & my Starduster would out talk & hear them.It's unique since it gives you some rejection when use directionally but it's just a single element dipole in the direction you are using it in when used as a beam.I got all for either Free or really Cheap so I took them thinking maybe the other may have had issues & did not work properly.I was wrong because none of them worked very well.Get a real beam & skip the Hype of the Super Scanner because they are far from Super.


Captain Kilowatt

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Staff member
Apr 6, 2005
Nova Scotia,Canada
Those SS were way short on power handling...most of the relays/coax assemblies would die very quickly with even a small amp (like 300w PEP) and they had HUGE "dead spots" on the radiation pattern.

They were what they were and for the most part they were not too bad but had a lot of wind loading for what they were. I have seen countless of them with bent masts, poor installs basically, and a lot of them had wind damage. I worked a lot of stations in Scandinavia and even Greenland and Iceland that ran them because they offered some directivity and they had problems with regular yagis due to rotators freezing up in the extreme cold.
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Jul 6, 2014
Payson, AZ
I've got one of those sitting in the garage right now. The only thing keeping me from putting it up is the HOA CC&R's.

Well, that and the fact that it's been stored for well over 20 years.

At least I have a plan to fix the HOA problem.

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    My first thought was the i.r.s. may be interested in a long term money making scam without proper taxes being paid..probably more than electronics involved.
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    My first thought was why hasn't someone paid him a visit. I mean, his address is posted above.
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    Good news! I opened an appeal case after eBay sided with superhawkwss6. I also opened an IC3 case & sent that information to eBay. Within an hour they responded, reversed their decision and returned all of my money. Unfortunately, superhawkwss6 stole my CB radio and eBay will likely not suspend or close his account, but rather allow him to continue his criminal activity. I think I'll still file a report with our sheriff's dept (the sheriff is a friend of mine) though I know this type of crime isn't worth their time. This guy needs to be stopped and I'm certainly going to do my best to make that happen.
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