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Thank you to WWDX...


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Jun 27, 2021
Just wanted to say thank you to this site and all of its very knowledgeable users. I have gathered a lot of information by just reading, although when I need help and ask for help on here, these users are always there to help.

Every radio I ran into problems with and asked for help on this site and then fixed, is still working to this day, every single one.

I had some real doosies to work on, repair, and some to pretty much completely rebuild.

2980 - sat in old dilapidated, falling down wood shed for 12yrs+.

Saturn SSB Echo (360010a board) - been in storage for 15yrs+ due to inoperable.

Connex CX-3400 - sat in a closet for 5yrs+ due to bad tech work leading to complete blowout of audio section, RF section, passthrough section, DC input section.

Cobra 2000 GTL - acquired through a trade. Was found in old collapsed barn laying in dirt.

And several others. All are still working great, the owners are extremely pleased with the end results and they talk on them about every day.

The WWDX users that helped tremendously on all the above and others are as follows:
Handy Andy
And a couple others which I can't recall at the moment, sorry.

These users are great on this site, and patient at that.

Thank you WWDX for having such a welcome and knowledgeable forum for us novice techs to come to when we run into strange issues we get stumped on.


Believe it or Don't...

We need people like you that are willing to share their problems and conditions so we can work alongside them and develop a process that helps others that may have to follow in your footsteps and figure out the next generation of radios - that will pretty much use the same concepts, but using different technology in which to do so.

We stand on the shores of thought, and throw problems as rocks into the ocean. While the tide pulling into and out of the shore - with the vast sea of knowledge and its waves, begging us to dive in - to let us know how it solves them.


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