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THE 1940'S


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Apr 8, 2016
The 19040's was a great period in America.
You'd come home to a martini, your pipe, slipper's and if you asked your wife would put "your antenna up" on the weekend of course.


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Aug 3, 2009
The 1940s were goregous for music!!

I have an 8 track tape with ORIGINAL ARTISTS of 40s and 50s music and its insanely good! (I had an earlier one that had original 30s stuff also but the pad was no good and I tried to open the cartridge to put a new one in and it didnt come cleanly (It was ruined :())

Quite sad but @ least I got the 40s and 50s!! (Actually I have a couple 8 tracks of 50s music (And 1 40s country music))


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