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TinySA pocket-sized Spectrum Analyzer


Dec 18, 2008
Silicon Valley CA, Storm Lake IA
New item on the market.
TinySA is a portable Spectrum Analyzer/Frequency Generator that might fill the niche for those who need an analyzer for your bench that covers two tools - for either testing a radio's 2nd harmonic level - or the generator/analyzer function to build RF filters.
Perhaps other needs as well . . .


About ~$60/shipped
Works up to 960Mhz

For the low down on it:
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Dec 18, 2008
Silicon Valley CA, Storm Lake IA
I'm considering getting the TinySA to use on my bench for testing 2nd harmonics on CB radios and checking for splatter.

The sig/gen part provides a sine wave up to 350Mhz and from 350Mhz to 960Mhz, it gives a square wave function. It provides some modes, such as AM, FM, and wide FM. Also has a sweep gen function as well.

Don't know anything about thee NanoVNA; what is it capable of?

DTB Radio

Well-Known Member
Sep 14, 2005
Carlisle, PA. USA
The NanoVNA is a palm-sized 2-port vector network analyzer with a huge range of abilities including computer interface. It offers smith chart, SWR, delay readout, and a host of other functions, I've used mine for antenna analysis, tuning antenna traps, checking coax cable integrity visa S12 measurements, and checking cable length using time domain reflectometry via the interface software. I have by no means explored all of the possible functions yet, but I don't see why it couldn't be used as a step-swept signal generator or tracking generator as well. All in all, it is an amazing little gadget for the price, and the price is inline with the TinySA (which I am now eyeballing quite hard, thanks to the OP, lol!!!)

Tom Line

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Oct 15, 2021
I use the nova nva all the time to test antennas. I'm going to try using it as a signal source tonight by using the same frequency for the start and stop of the sweep. Looks like it may put out more power than the tinysa but for sure don't know this. (It get more complicated trying to attunate and measure the signal level.)


Jul 28, 2021
I use the TinySA as a sig generator for aligning CBs..works great at that..but, I dont know why, it never detects a AM carrier correctly, its always like 6k off compared to a SDA tranceiver..I have calibrated it several times with the self cal test..I also wrote about it at the Tinysa forum, not yet answered..
I dont know how to use it as a sweep generator, the wiki is not very clear at all.
I wish it had SSB generation, would have been perfect for me

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