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Trade Heil PSPiC Pro HeadSet Plus ic!


Feb 28, 2008
SE Florida
Up for trade. If your interested let me know what ya got. This might be pushing it but I'd like a 55 antenna. Not a charger version.


The Heil PSPiC Pro Set Plus ic! is a dual mic element headset designed for ICOM transceivers. It includes the HC-5 key element for articulate speech audio that is great for everyday ragchewing and traffic handling. And it includes the HC-4 DX Dream Machine element designed to help you cut threw pile ups. The Heil Pro Set Plus is destined to be the new benchmark competition headset for DX and contest operators worldwide. This new "!" version features a audio phase switch.

Please note that this headset is designed exclusively for early ICOM transceivers such as the 735, 745, 751, 756, 761, 765, 775 and 781. It should not be used for other brands or the new Icom Pros. If you have an Icom IC-746 Pro or IC-756 Pro, then use the Heil Pro Set Plus!.

The Heil Pro Set Plus ic! comes with the special AD-1-ic cable adapter that terminates to an ICOM 8 pin mic plug. There is an optional case.

• Switchable HC-5 and HC-4 elements
• Phase Switch
• Boom swings for left or right use
• Self adjusting cushioned headband
• Highly efficient tuned speaker cavities
• Heavy duty cable system
• Extremely light and comfortable
• Removable cotton ear pads
• Speaker Phase reversal switch
• Rugged ¼” speaker swivel studs <!-- / message --> <!-- controls -->

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