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TRS Challenger Model 460


Supporting Member
Jul 6, 2014
Payson, AZ
Recapped and ready to roll. AM only unit with uPD861 PLL. Mic is correct, power cord appears to be from the right timeframe. No idea if either is original. Other than the new electrolytic caps it looks like all the parts are original. There is some kind of glue on most of, if not all of, the cans in the PLL section, which is inside a metal shield, pretty much guaranteeing nobody's golden screwdrivered it.

I only bought it because I'd never seen one before. Guess I'm a sucker for weird radios.

$50 + shipping.


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    DXMaps has you in SE Wisconsin today BJ
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    6m OPEN nicely today...Big Sigs from South Path...band has noise for me last 3-4 days. Not sure what generating this garbage.
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    Look in your 6m thread BJ
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    Sorry BJ, just took a better look at it, after cleaning my readers, it wasn't you. Similar callsign.