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Uniden 980 SSB Talkback Question?


Feb 4, 2017
I finally got my radio installed.

Still have to do the mod for the added amp.

But I'm running the radio stock.

Put in heavy wire straight from the battery and that seemed to help?

Old system came from fuse block!

I'm also running a Uniden external speaker and noticed I get a feedback on the talkback.

Also using a Extreme 2018 mic.

Radio checks are all good 2-3 miles away! (loud and clear)

Only way to get rid of feedback is to set Talkback to 00 on the scale, 01 And I get feed back!

Any ideas?

External speaker is about 3-4 ft. away?

Did you turn the noise reduction switch on that's on top of the Mic? I have no problems with feedback with my 980 when using that Mic. Also you can adjust the talkback level on the 980.
Just seen you already have it turned down on the radio.
The two "wheels" on the back of the mic are set at "0"!

I'll have to look for noise reduction switch?



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Yea, I'm on a ship and can't get to my truck right at the moment but will today and see what I can find out with this!

Thanks fellas!!
I'm running my 980 with an RM 203 amp and the standard truck stop, chrome Astatic mic (particular model # escapes me, at the moment; 636, maybe?). I also have an external speaker, but it's just the cheapest speaker that was available at the time that I bought it. It might be a RoadPro, or a Diesel. It cost, maybe, $15, give or take. Tiny little thing.

With the mic about 3-4 ft away, mic gain at 02, and amp off, I get no feedback with the talkback set to 14. 15 feeds back, loudly.

Until now, I've never even played with the talkback feature. I'll have to experiment with it some more, later, when I'm not supposed to be sleeping, lol.

Generally speaking, I don't much care about the talk back, and since I have the amp, I keep the mic gain set at 0. But, like I said, I'll play with it later, and report back.
I've never had a radio with the talkback feature...

So thought I would play with it, then ran into the feedback problem!

I'll play with it later to day and see what I find!
So, playing with it a little more, I find that, while sitting in my drivers seat, which brings my mic closer to my speaker (about 2 feet between the two), I was able to have mic gain set to 1, and talkback set to 14, without feed back. This time, the amp was on, though, I don't think that makes a difference, though.

I was going to see if I could notch up the mic gain, while notching down the talkback, but feedback apparently turns my wife into demon lady. So, I had to stop fooling with it.

Just out of curiosity, have you tried the talkback feature without the external speaker? Or have you tried it with a different speaker? You could test it with the stock mic, too, just to see.

One other thing that occurs to me; back when I played in a band, and played the roadie for friends bands, there were places that just created feedback. It was damn near impossible to get the equipment positioned right, or all the settings set right, to defeat the feedback; I guess that it was something to do with the acoustics in those places.

I suppose, then, that you might try repositioning your speaker, so that the speaker and the mic will both be pointing away from each other, while in operation.
Thanks Fellas!

I wasn';t able to get to my truck today! (work always gets in the way!)

To answer your question no I do not get the feedback with the speaker in the radio, only the Uniden external speaker!

It is a nice speaker and a LOT louder than the radio speaker and I like that!

I can get rid of the feedback by turning the talkback to "0" as I said.

I don't know yet where the NR on the mic is set.

I bought the Extreme 2018 for a reason and will keep it.

If I can't use the talkback feature so be it, I never had it before anyway and it's no deal breaker for me!

I'm just tryin to get the best out of the radio that I can, but even stock on AM I've had nothing but great reviews from other operators!!!
Hey, 10-4, Seagiant. I'm pickin' up what your puttin' down.

We're suggesting that you try the stock mic for diagnostic purposes, to see if it's something in the other mic that's causing feedback (at least, that's what I'm suggesting, anyway). I'm not suggesting that you permanently dispense with the fancy aftermarket mic.

Getting the most from your radio, is rather subjective. I feel like I'm, for the most part, getting the most out of mine, and I've done so without a powered mic, but with an amp, instead. I'm not knocking the powered mic; I've just chosen a different route.

It's been my experience that there's always something to tweak, things to move around, etc. That's part of the fun, for me.

I hope that you are able to figure out what's causing the problem.
I'm trying to remeber if I still HAVE the stock mic?

I work out of town so to speak so will see.

It seems to me though if you turn everything on the 2018 mic to off or "0", it should be like a regular mic??????

Thanks again!!!
power mic and talk back does not go together. rf feedback is going to happen every time. thats why the truck drivers use noise cancelling mics also. you will either have to get rid of the power mic or the talk back. both just do not go to gether unless you turn them down so low there is no benefit with a power mic. talkback was originally designed to here your self to adjust the echo or test your radio that it was tlaking. for some reason people like to hear them selves talk so they turn it on all the time. my brother-in-law is a truck driver and he likes his talk back wide open in his truck. he uses a rk56 noise canceling mic on all his rigs.
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