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VCO Block Needed, Uniden UPD857 Chassis

DTB Radio

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Sep 14, 2005
Carlisle, PA. USA
I know this is an INCREDIBLY looooong shot, but I need a working VCO block for a Standard Communications model Horizon 29 CB (its the CB that was used in the truck from The Fall Guy TV series). It uses Uniden's PC-130AA PLL module which is a UPD857-based unit. The VCO is a wax-potted metal-enclosed board with seven interface pins that solder into the PC-130AA board. I've attached a picture of the PLL unit I'm servicing. All trouble-shooting points back to the VCO block. If anyone has one of these blocks, or know who does and might be willing to sell, please shoot me an email (see www.dtbradio.com for my email address). Thanks in advance for any info anyone can provide!



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Jul 6, 2014
Payson, AZ
From Sam's CB 94. I managed to get the pages out of order but I think you can figure out where things should go.


  • Standard_Horizon_29_VCO.pdf
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