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Wanted sonar fs2340 willing to pay 1k must be exceptional

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Turbo T

Certified CB Rambo
Feb 2, 2011
looking to buy sonar fs2340 willing to pay 1k must be exceptional
heres your chance to make some money
You dont need all them radio's
besides your wife will love you for it

Best of luck. I just sold mine a few months back.


Sr. Member
Aug 3, 2011
Ok so I am going ask the question....Why?

Why would you be willing to pay that price for a unit that will likely need work not far done road with parts that are either unobtanium or even if NOS ancient as well?

I almost bought a really nice one 3 years ago. When the price when above $250 I changed my mind.

They are a nice tube type radio but nothing AMAZING. Not like it is a Stoner Pro 40 or ARF-2001.

So not being judgmental just wondering what is so special.

Good luck I wish you happy hunting!


Staff member
Apr 6, 2005
Sierras Near Yosemite National Park
They are rare because this radio was being built just as the fcc allowed the full 40 channels and it was a 23 channel model at the time.
They used a hand full of IC chips and built a 40 channel PLL on a couple little boards and put them behind the channel display, and placed a sticker over the FS-23 with one that said FS-2340.
I thought it was a nice radio, I used to check in on the old tube radio network with it.
If you are a guy that just wants one because you got to have it you will pay what you want for it.
Like guys that buy old mopars cause they had one in high school.


dave martin

Jun 14, 2021
well Shadetree hit the nail on the head, except I been in cb since the 70's
and like all young working people u do what u have to do to survive(no spoon fed person here) so buying and selling was a way to make extra money , well my fs2340 went down the road and now many many years later have changed and I would like to own another, I have all the other radios that i owned through out the years..this is the last beast avoiding me....for now. And yes it may not be worth 1k to a lot of ppl but then again young ppl may look at it and say ..i;d sell mine for that


Sr. Member
Oct 2, 2010
Check with tramdr on YouTube.Ronald has a lot of very RARE radios & most are in excellent condition & he does sell them sometimes as well.He is going to Hamvention this week as well.

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