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What are you listening to @ the moment?


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Apr 29, 2011
I'm getting tired of watching the snow fall now. I'm also getting tired of these sub-zero temps.

This has been the winter from hell....worst winter I can remember.....1 continuous snowstorm and bone chilling cold.


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Aug 3, 2009
Im listening to my Chicago record :) (Chicago 7)

Current song: Wishing you were here

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  • @ ButtFuzz:
    on the connector with the green wire, if you short that to a nearby black wire, the power supply will turn on. (for use as a bench supply or whatever)
  • @ ButtFuzz:
    And IIRC, the purple wire is -12VDC, but that is from memory and it does not serve.
  • @ ButtFuzz:
    So if you need, say, 7v, connect + to the Yellow wire and - to the Red wire.
  • @ ButtFuzz:
    or or you need 9v connect + to the yellow wire and - to the orange wire. note: not all PSU's have the orange wire nowadays, as many manufactures had the voltage regulation on the motherboard, and all the power supply gives is 12 vdc
  • @ BJ radionut:
    Thanks ROB will check it out!~!! got to clean the work bench a little make room for that big case :)