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What cha listenin' to right now?


tell the devil im gettin there as fast as i can,r
Jun 30, 2018
this mournin i got prez lincoln on 31 am listenin to jibber jabber. he is about 25 miles away n loud
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Mar 15, 2019
Right now, the fan in my bedroom window, as I'm relaxing in bed working on my 1st cup of coffee. Starting off slow today, not all that much to do. Head to the barn I work at and throw some grain to the horses, exercise a friend's dog nextdoor, then work on the shirts I have curing on the dash of the truck....
I'll be listening to classic rock on the stereo, and 38 LSB for most of the day.

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  • @ BJ radionut:
    Ham radio operators (VHF/UHF) should pay attention to enhanced radio propagation paths throughout the middle latitudes and equatorial region, a common occurrence following such events. :coffee: (y)
  • @ BJ radionut:
    Had "Aurora" propagation on CW/SSB on 6m last evening. (300-700m range here) The 2m guys had lots of Ducting/TROPO between the East Coast and Gulf Coast op's, even early today.
  • @ Roadstar:
    good morning to all :)
  • @ BJ radionut:
    I am Soooo Lonely here. :ROFLMAO: (y):coffee: