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Mar 19, 2016
I must be missing something here. Looking at a friends 655 Stryker the variable power knob the pep is the same wheather low or high? Looks like the rms or avg only changes. So the radio swings the same pep watts on high and low normal? My comp cobra 29 is different

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Oct 23, 2017
The First State (Delaware)
Unlike my comp 29 it dictates DK as well as pep swing. What do you run your Stryker barefoot wide open?
I run my dead key at 5w and it swings to about 60w peak. I leave it set this way to run my X-Force 4 pill. Gives me about 100w key and about 600w peak swing output. If I turn the power up, the radio will key 10w and still swing 60w peak.

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