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Yaesu VX-7R MARS mod


Dec 18, 2008
Silicon Valley CA, Storm Lake IA
1.Remove battery

2.Remove black sticker (right above cellular warnings)

3.For Mars/Cap, remove solder jumper 5

4.for Freeband, remove solder jumper 4

5.Put sticker/battery back on.

6.Press [4] + [Band] + [V/M] keys while turning radio on.

Press F key to reset radio. Done. *You will loose any stored memory channels and other personal settings when VX-7R is reset.

Mars/Cap & Freeband TX frequencies for VX-7R:

Freeband TX: 40.000Mhz -224.995Mhz & 300Mhz -579.995Mhz

Mars/Cap TX: 50Mhz -54Mhz 140Mhz -174Mhz & 222Mhz -225Mhz & 420Mhz -470Mhz.


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Oct 26, 2008
DX Land
You can also expand the frequency range using a software program called VX-7 Commander that was wrote by Jim Mitchell (KC8UNJ):

Jim Mitchell - KC8UNJ

It's not only capable of the MARS/CAP & Freeband mods but also offers other features:

Edit, cut, copy, paste, delete, move Main, One-Touch, Scan Edge, Home, and VFO Memories
Edit Memory Groups
Edit Hyper Memories
Edit the VX-7 Set Mode settings
Software modifications for MARS/CAP and Freeband
Software modification to enable the "My Menu" feature
Import from csv files and ARRL TravelPlus (TM) files
Import data from VX-5 EVE files and RDF files
Open VX-7 .RDF (RT Systems ADMS-1G) files (must save as .vx7 files)
Recover deleted memories, even if VX-7 is reset
Custom Icon Editor, Custom Font Editor
Print memory range to default printer
Two selectable interfaces for editing memories

This is a very straight forward and easy to use program. The benefits I really like about this program is you don't have to physically open the radio (no chance of messing up the waterproof seal), quick and easy programming and you can return the radio to factory specs with a couple clicks of your mouse. ;)
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Aug 22, 2013
Hello! Someone who has the yaesu vx 7r, unlocked, can take the test at the frequency 42.7 MHz and tell me if it has the power to TX and RX 30 meters? I'm behind this answer for a long time, if anyone can help, I'd be very grateful!
Thank you!

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