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Man, I can tell a big story of MY HONEYMOON at penn hills, poconos. not gonna elaborate, takes too long, but one of the insignificant parts was to find out McKinzie Phillips was born 5 miles away in Stroudsburg. THIS CHANGED MY LIFE! not
Hey Dan - I've got a few myself - Got stuck as you may have seen back in 2018 and put it aside. Still looking to see why the 2 mark 6's I have keep blowing the internal 2a fuse. I'm not real great at this as you, I'm learning. I'm ready to go back to it.
430' up on the Isle of Portland in Dorset , UK and surrounded by the sea. QRV on all bands occasionally. I'm an antenna guru so ask me anything.
Radios used: Yaesu FT-2000, Xiegu G90, Xiegu X6100, Yaesu FT-891.
Antennas: 160m doublet inverted Vee, kite end-fed 40-10m, ATAS 120A, Chinese PAC-12.

Hello Paul, I'm trying to do the same thing with four MRF422 (28v). It's a years long project but it is moving forward. You likely already have some so I only uploaded the Tri-Power that has a simple but well laid out diagram. There is also good article by G3SEK. Stay well, keep the group posted on progress. neil, NYC


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Having problems with my heathkit HL2200. Put different 3-500z tubes in it and started popping my breaker on the back of the amp. Pit old tubes back in and now it won't tune and load and it worked great before any of this can someone help me?
There been lots of skipped out here in Northern Kansas it seems like no one can here me out here on the 2950 CD bearfoot radio 25 watts with a V58 ground plane the amp dead tubes 152 Jupiter


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Somewhere North of the Rio Grande...

Where the rabbits roam free...

The whirlwinds play in the sand.....

In the Deserts of West Texas...

There's a RagChew, Welcome, Waiting...

From a quaint home, with a warm welcome and friendly nature...

At a shack called Bienvenido Amigo....

20 Feb. 2022
Lou Franklin of CBCI is STILL selling his 3 popular CB books, in real paper form. There are NO PDF versions currently available. If somebody is offering them, please contact me immediately as they are ILLEGAL and a COPYRIGHT VIOLATION:

Lou Franklin
Email: lou2@cbcintl.com
Web: www.cbcintl.com