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AOR AR-2002, Smoother and faster tuning

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Modifications' started by AudioShockwav, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Anyone who owns an AR-2002 knows how frustrating the tuning knob is. Its hard-detented with loud "clicks" - you go nowhere fast. Luckily there's an easy fix that gives smoother, faster and quiet tuning. It only involves replacing the AR-2002's shaft encoder with that from another AOR receiver.

    The AOR AR-3000A has a smooth-turning, high resolution shaft encoder. This successfully replaces the AR-2002's clunky & loud encoder. The best news is that AR-3000A shaft encoders are readily available, cheap, from a gentleman in California, Richard Robinson, K4EIH/6, jazz101@san.rr.com.

    The wire colors are different between the 2 encoders, so just be sure to match them as follows.

    (AR-2002) White - (AR-3000A) Red
    (AR-2002) Blue - (AR-3000A) Black
    (AR-2002) Black - (AR-300A) Brown

    I performed this substitution without soldering. I also replaced the small tuning knob itself with a larger one from a Ray Jefferson radio. Any larger knob with a ΒΌ" fitting will work.


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