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Is the RCI 2990 any good ?

Discussion in 'CB and Export Equipment and Accessories' started by IamDevildog, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. IamDevildog

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    A friend has a 2990 with a D-104 for sale and I was wondering how good these radio's are. The only thing that has been done is a tune and 11 meter mod. He has used it about 5 times, Just doesnt have the time for it anymore. How much are they worth ?


    Thanks all, Jiml


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  2. fasteddy

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    Apr 5, 2005
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    The RCI 2990 is a good radio, but this is my opinoin and just my opinion that radios with built in amplifiers are a little more finicky to run. One other thing you must consider is that if something goes wrong with the amp the radio is not usable until you get it fixed. New ones cost around $500 and to me that is a whale of a lot of cash considering what you can get in an HF rig for the same amount of money. I shopped and shopped for my Kenwood before I purchased and I paid $255 for a TS140s. A whole lot more radio than a 2990 IMHO. If the price is right though I wouldn't hesitate to buy the 2990. If you do more AM than SSB the 2990 performs very well in that mode. I hope that I helped.


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  3. IamDevildog

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    Thanks, I have been debateing between the 2990 or 2995, I do use my base alot on am. One of the things I did worry about was the amp going bad, but I seen a thread on another forum that told how to put a switch in it to turn it off. I havent heard very much on these radios either. I dont hear anyone talking good or bad about them. and after doing a little research I have found out the 2990 is no longer made and the 2995 took its place. But any how thanks for the reply.


    Take care, Jim


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  4. power pusher

    power pusher
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    I've had both the 2990 and the 2990dx great radios no problems with either.

  5. TX922

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    I enjoyed my RCI 2990 it was a great radio.The amp in the 2990 is a major improvement reliability wise over the Saturn Turbo.I never had a reason to even pull the cover off the one I had.Ran it for over a year and the guy I sold it to has had it for 6 months and still loves it.The only problem I have ever seen with them is the VFO goes a little nuts.Keep it clean and that problem is no biggie.Just my two cents.73s Rog








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