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Opinions? Cobra 138 XLR

Discussion in 'CB and Export Equipment and Accessories' started by ButtFuzz, May 19, 2002.

  1. ButtFuzz

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    The 138 XLR does, indeed, have sideband.

    Do not clip the modulation limiter in this radio. The 138 XLR is one of the few CBs that have been blessed with an audio clipping circuit before the audio branches of into the AM / SSB 'modulation' circuitry.

    With proper tuning, this is about THE finest sounding domestic CB made.

    It also has the uPD858 PLL, which can easily be expanded for channels below and above the reguar 40.

    The receive in these radios is typically not quite up to par with the 148s mfg. in the early 80's, but with a little tuning the 138 can perform well in this area, too.

    The 139 XLR is somewhat desirable, too, being the base version of the 138 XLR mobile.

  2. Lil Red

    Lil Red
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    Hi folks.

    I just bought a used Cobra 138 XLR. It seems in mint condition. I'll know for sure when I lay hands on it.

    Anybody have experience with this rig?

    I've heard that they are very robust, infinitely configurable and loud.

    Li’l Red

    <marquee>[​IMG]..... DX call: Operator 104 in Mass. on 38L...6Delta 1368 on 37L</marquee></p>

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