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HELP! I need schematic for TS-50

Camel Jockey

Oct 30, 2006
My TS-50 took a dive. I found a tech willing to work on it but he would like to have a set of schematics for it. Does anyone have a set they could email me or know where I can get it off the web?

Try HERE to download a good pdf copy of the schematic and also an owners manual and a FULL SERVICE manual for that rig.The schematic is about 1 Mb and the service manual is about 40 Mb so I hope you have high speed ISP. A ull schematic is included in the service manual.I have used that site many times.
Quick reply

Wow Thanx for the quick reply guys. I expected to get replies because of the great guys on this forum board but I figured it would be atleast tommorrow before I would get an answer.
I have been away from this forum for about a year now and half expected it to be gone but was able to find it again and it looks great. Alot like it did back then but better.
And still alot of good info and guys wiling to help out.
Thanx again guys

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