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Kenwood TS 50 rig.

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Apr 16, 2005
I need some help. I just pick up a TS-50. The only thing that doesn't work real well on the rig is the SSB side. The TX and Rec is low and also the audio. Does anyone know a good TECH that work's on them. I did call Richard (8541 Elec) and he is back log with work.. ANd now that JUSTIN is closeing the door's. How do we go to now??

TS-50 repair

I hope you' re not going to use that 50 on AM 19. The truckers will say you sound bad. It doesn't work well there. Atleast mine doesn't. Let me know if you find a good tech for it. I got mine powered up by JC electronics in Mt Vernon, IL. Reasonable too. Don't know how much I trust him yet though. Mine needs a good alignment, and maybe some other stuff. I'm not real sure yet. I'm still playing with it. Wish I could QSO w/ you but I don't get close enough or far enough away. I run from my home in EVV to STL and back Tue thru Sat. 4 AM to 2PM.

I used to have a link to the Kenwood Service Center page but it no longer works. You might try going to the kenwoodusa.com site and ask them for the list. I checked the site and they didn't have the list of service centers there anymore. There are service centers located regionally. I actually took a radio with me on vacation to VA Beach and dropped it off at the service center there and picked it up before I went home. In the meantime I'll post an inquiry at the TS-50 discussion group I subscribe to and see what they come up with.

hope this helps.

73's :!:

Wayne C.
Thank's man. The radio is like new and the only thing that's wrong with it. Is the SSB side of the radio has LOW TX and RX on it. Other then that everything work's great on it.. Love the radio but my Alinco DX-70 is starting to look :shock: :shock: better to me right now.. I hope that 2600 is still working Great for you. That was one of my Best radio's with that MF 900 behind it.. Belive me Wayne I know wend you on 27.475 LSB.
Any help would be Great. Thank's Wayne..
send it to kenwood
is what i do when i have any problems with kenwood equipment

they do such a good job
they replaced my TF6A with a new one
and sent me my one needing repaired (and repaired it)

they never realised till i had both
that they sent me both

and they never asked me to pay a fixing fee
even though it was past warrentee time frame

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