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Texas Star Amplifiers For Sale


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Aug 13, 2008
Up for sale are two Texas Star 250 Amplifiers.

1) Texas Star 250 staged power. Works as it should, all lights work including the meter. The cover shows some signs of wear but the amp is very clean. Has the original Toshiba 2290 finals. $180 shipped, Paypal is fine.


2) Texas Star 250 HDV Killer Bee. Works as it should. all lights work including the meter. Cover is like new amp is in near mint condition. Has original Toshiba 2290 finals. Upgraded #10 power cord on back with Anderson plug. One additional Anderson plug included. $215 shipped, Paypal is fine.


Damn good deals... I wish I had some extra funds to pick one of them up. No way now as the family and I will be back out West to Nevada these next few months for the summer.

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