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Recent content by Bundy

  1. Bundy


    Completely off topic but we're able to talk to anyone??? Back to the original post.....:whistle:
  2. Bundy

    Scammers Beware!

    Good on him
  3. Bundy

    Difference between a straight 4 pill and a 2x4 amp?

    Great info thank you. My Saturn is NOT the Turbo edition. The x-force amp looks like a good option for me as I really don't want to have to get involved with a large power supply and a mobile amp. What about KLV400 base amp??? Thoughts?
  4. Bundy

    Freebanding for Beginners

    I sure hope your right Robb, would be so much fun!
  5. Bundy

    Difference between a straight 4 pill and a 2x4 amp?

    Looking for an amp to pair with my "new to me" Galaxy Saturn base. I will look more into a straight 4. Thanks for everyones help!!
  6. Bundy

    CB Base Stations You've Had

    Awesome!!! No nostalgia here, first base was a Magnum S9 with an Astron power supply, A99 antenna.
  7. Bundy

    Difference between a straight 4 pill and a 2x4 amp?

    In a nutshell I'm confused about the difference between a straight pill amp and a pill driving other pills, as in a 1x4, 2x4, etc. Can you all school me in this... Looking for a base amp for the first time. Thanks in advance!
  8. Bundy

    Any North Korea Prepper chatter out there?

    I'm stocking up on beer just in case
  9. Bundy

    President Lincoln II w/KL203P

    Interested but nervous about new member status... No disrespect meant. Let me give it some thought.
  10. Bundy

    frequencies frequently frequenting frequency mixes , and a panda ...

    Think I just got bamboozled I crack me up
  11. Bundy

    Magnum 257 HP for sale

    The original post is almost 7 years old
  12. Bundy

    Weak solar cycles = another big decline of the 11 meter local & DX population

    It's frustrating but don't give up old goat. Keep calling your numbers man! I'll get back to you over here in NY.
  13. Bundy

    Still a work in progress...

    Need to get my eyes checked
  14. Bundy

    Still a work in progress...

    Think I see some guy lines in the picture.o_O
  15. Bundy

    Still a work in progress...

    Very impressive!!!!!