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    4 element vs 5 element M104C or M105C help...

    If you have the room for a 5 element, and the $$$, go for it. Otherwise, the 4 element will work just fine. In a side by side real world shoot, out, the difference between the two would be negligible.
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    Reclaim LSB 16

    And what frequency is 16, for those of us without channel displays?
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    Back in the early 80's when I got into SSB, LSB and USB were packed full of people every day between 36 and 40. People didn't hesitate to get on USB. In fact people outside of the US still use a lot of USB today.
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    11 meter is very quiet?

    What time of day did you hear Australia? I heard some AZ and CA coming into the east coast over the weekend, but nothing any farther away.
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    (Mobile) Lincoln II +

    I got a Lincoln +2 v3 and overall was happy with it. The receive was nearly as good as my Yaesu 840, but my biggest complaint is it picked up a ton of bleedover from strong stations on adjacent channels.
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    SWR'ing a K40

    I have the K30 antenna. Same thing as the K40 just shorter. I had to trim the whip to get decent SWR, the built in adjustment wouldn't let me go below 3:1 on CH 40
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    Looking for a moonraker antenna?

    Super cool item, and would love to be running a Moonraker, but I can't imagine paying more than about 600 bucks for one. Performance is really identical to the Maco Shooting Star so not sure how how to justify the premium.
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    new Icom 718 owner question

    The meter is just a cheap Radio Shack combo Power/SWR meter. I am less concerned with the absolute reading and am more using it as a point of reference. The Yaesu FT840 gives a much higher average reading than the Icom does. Peak meter readings aside, I'd expect both radios to produce...
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    new Icom 718 owner question

    I picked up a used 718. Question on the power output. I've got the mic gain set at about 75% on SSB and get good movement on the ALC meter. If I whistle in the mic I see the full 100 watts out. However while speaking into the mic, peaks barely hit 50w and average is down around 20. On...
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    Base Moxon

    I build one and used it on 11. No noticeable improvement over a Maco 5/8
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    11 meter is very quiet?

    Thank God I heard someone else mention this. Frankly I don't know why half the people are on the radio any more. All they want to do is 'wave a hand' and say 73's. No one even asks me for my first personal or to QSL anymore, never mind having a QSO of more than 1 minute. I miss the old...
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    MACO VQ3

    I think the dbi measurement is fine so long as any gain references include this indicator. Afterall, what we are really looking for is to understand how antenna A (like a 3 or 4 element Yagi) compares to antenna B (like a V quad). If they are within 1 or 2 dbi of each other, in the real...
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    FT-840 Display issue

    That was it!!!!! Thanks guys.
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    11 meter is very quiet?

    @Shadetree Mechanic I was the guy near Pottstown trying to get back to you last week. That Vector4 is doing a great job for you. I had a real good copy on you, but seemed like I was having trouble getting back to you. I have 4 element Gizmotchy beam pointed south. Never talked to anyone in...
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    FT-840 Display issue

    I've got an 840 where the frequency display just dropped a digit. Obviously the display normally would show 7.000.00 mhz, but now is showing 7.000.0 The last digit just went out. There is no flashing of the display. The radio seems to work fine otherwise. The digit did not gradually dim/fade...